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Light headed and unbalanced?


Every now and again I feel light headed and when walking its feel like I am unbalanced.

Its doing my head in cant get rid of it, been to the doctors he seems to dimiss it and even
when I saw the nurse she blamed me looking at the computer screen as the cause.

Does anybody else have these syntoms?

Was diagnosed with type two about three weeks ago.

As you have already been seen by your gp, it is difficult to say what it could be. Notice that you have only had type 2 for 3 weeks, it may be your blood glucose rising and falling which can make one light-headed. When you stabilise your blood sugars you may see an improvement.

Should you have any more concerns, go back to gp, or ask to see another doctor.

Good luck!

yes, I do, a bit. It started shortly after I was diagnosed and put on Metformin - don't know what the connection is, if any. With me it comes and goes - some days more, some days less or hardly at all. I've just gotten used to it but it annoys the hell out of me. My doctor didn't even attempt to say what he thought it might be.
Hi, Dobbs

Same here I have days which it wont go away other days less It annoys the hell out of me.

With me it will last for 3 week or so dissappear than 1/2 months later come back again.

The doctor has done the blood test, eye test everything before diagnosing me as type 2 diabetes.

Will speak to the nurse again on Friday hopefully she will have a solution will suggest the Metformin as well .
What are you bg readings in the mornings? They might possibly give a clue.
My BG level in the morning for the last two weeks have been between 5.1 to 5.9.

Good advice so far from all.

There are many things that this can be down to, it is also important to differentiate between 'light headedness' and possible 'dizzyness', the two are similar. Have a read of this link which explains some things.

There are links to other areas in the article.

It is important that you get a second opinion about this as some of the things it could be can be serious. Not everything that happens to us is always Diabetes related.

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