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happy thanksgiving everyone i was just wondering if an antibiotic can make your bs go low? right now i have fluid in my ears, swollen glands in my neck sore throat and broncitis but since i started the z pack i have been having lows i had to get up at 230 in the morning because i woke up sweating and my heart racing and after laying there for a few minutes went to check bs it was 60. i have had as many as 3 lows a day. i am now taking the second round of antibiotic so i;m keeping an eye on it was tired after work today and woke up confused after sleeping an hour low again oh well the joys of diabetes jean
What is z pack ?
a z pack is zithromax. it is a five day antibiotic that you take two pills the first day at the same time and one pill each day for the next four days. i have had alot of success with this one have taken it many times but not since i started insulin.. i have problems with some antibiotics making me very sick in the stomach
Since some meds can raise bs I would have to believe others can lower them.
Have you taken this med before and not the fast z pack.

At least with the z pack, you'll be finished with it in less than a week, you're going to have to be extra vigilant regarding your bs.
z packs do not have a side affect of affecting glucose, but there is always a chance that any side affect not recorded during trial studies can (and do) occur.

For me, the opposite is generally true...but, then I always take into account the fact that the virus that I am fighting is also rising my sugars.

Perhaps you are going lower because you are not eating as many carbs due to the illness. Zithromax is known to diminish appetite.
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