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Craving Milk?

Hi everyone! I haven't been on here much in the past few months as I have been raising my 2 grandsons.

I have a craving for milk that is worrying me. I wonder if it has anything to do with having Diabetes? I have always loved milk but now I would rather have that than anything else. It seems to be the only thing that will quench my thirst. I'm drinking 1/2 gallon every day!! It just tastes so good to me I think it must be like alcohol to an alcoholic!!!

Has anyone else experienced this? I do drink skim milk but still has so many calories. I have not looked it up to see how it figures in with daily carbs or sugars. My home testing looks good through-out the day.

I've never heard of this situation before, but everyone's different.

However, I think you might want to be careful -- that's a lot of fat and 1/2 gallon a day has to be affecting your B/S levels. Perhaps you're working it in with your meal schedules, but that still seems like a lot of milk.

On any given day at most I have about 1/2 cup and that's in my oatmeal and coffee.

Caution friend...
I used to drink that much milk. I also found it was about the only thing that satisfied my thirst. You make no mention of your bs when you want to drink milk. Secondly that much milk is going to raise your bs way over the limit. Take your bs next time you have this craving and see what your numbers are.
I have found that when I crave something the way you describe, it is for a reason. Generally it is my body telling me I need something that is in the food. You might wish to mention this craving to your physician, it might be a sign of a vitamin need....
I, too, drink a lot of milk---perhaps a gallon every three days. I simply like the stuff, and often find myself "missing" it. It, for me, is second to water. I drink only Skim milk. I have not noticed a "spike" nor high BS after drinking it.
Hi might want to look at a brand of milk called HOOD..they make a calorie countdown milk ..a fat free..a choc..and I think a 2%?? is a link to their site....good luck

MILK has sugar! Read the labels please! Even the ones that say low fat, skim, most of the subsitutes do too. But there is a subsitute for milk, it makes you think your drinking milk. It is found on the shelf by Rice milk (but not this one!)Right now I am out of it and I have a short memory so I don't remember the name. I will post it when I find it again. Some stores don't have it! Hitchocks does! If you look at Dream milk, Silk milk the one that reads 0 sugar that's it! It comes in Chocolate and Vanilla too. Once it is cold it is great and you can use it for your cereal too! It may sooth your cravings and fight the sugar intake also!
As far as real milk the only time I tend to drink it is if I want it to turn my stomach! On medicines sometimes you stop going in ways you need too! I think it is a lactose thing!
I am type 2, and my body makes way too much sugar so I have to keep from eating sugars the doctor said! My breads and pasta's are cut way back too. If I eat it is most of the time the size of a fist or smaller in size.
My weight is dropping off! I am still learning about diabetes, but mainly it is all in reading labels! I have had trouble losing weight and was always hungry! My stomach hurt all the time, I thought it was my ulcer. I was never satisfied! When they did the glucose test and told me it was diabetes. Now with eating more wheat products and getting off the sugar I am not only losing the weight, but not hungry all the time! Seems like I eat more and I am weighing less.
My legs are the first to loose the weight went from a size 16 or 18 (I was always inbetween those) to a size 12 and still getting smaller! Large old ladies shirts, to medium younger styled shirts. My belly is lingering for the last thing to go! But it is smaller than it was!
So good luck, stick with the low sugar or no sugar plan your doctor said is right for you, and go with it. I still have other medical problems but I am feeling great since I finally found out about my disease! I hope this helps. (I think I bought this shelf milk at Walmart too)(just find where the shelf Rice Milk is and find the other boxes, other name, that has no sugar)I am out and must pick some up or I would remember its name. Sorry.
Thanks so much I haven't heard of that and I will look for it tomorrow!! Milk is so fattening and does have sugar. I have started making my self drink more water and trying to stay away from so much milk, but it's tough, when you really like the cold taste of milk. I now understand why some people have trouble giving up their cola, you almost get hooked on it!! Have a great day!!

Sounds great but I can't find it here in Austin, TX. It would be too good to be true to find a milk with less sugar and still have great taste!! Thanks, I will keep looking!!!
ask your grocery store manager to stock it for harm in asking
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