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Best time to take Metformin?

I had previously taken Metformin 2x a day. In the morning with breakfast and in the evening with dinner. My doctor has decreased my usage to once a day. I forgot to ask if it should be the morning or evening dose. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what time is the best for taking it? I've had diabetes for 3 years and have managed it very well. I started to have some abdominal issues and the doctor thinks it may be the metformin and wants me to try only taking it once a day, I'll monitor my readings for a few weeks and if they start going whacky then I'll be back to 2x a day. But in the meantime, I'd appreciate anyone's suggestion. I'm hoping I only have to take it once a day here on out. Thank You for your help and assistance.
For what it's worth, my doctor told me to take it (1000mg) at my largest meal, which for me means supper. I've never had any problems with it but have been on it only 9 months.
Thank you, I really appreciate your suggestion.
I was advised by my doctor to take it at my largest meal. I would like to suggest that if you continue to have stomach issues, ask your doctor for the extended release metformin. My husband could not take the regular met but he can the extended release and that is what I am also. Good luck, hope it works!
I take mine 500mg in the morning with breakfast; it's 1xday. I've not had any problems with it. Slight headache the first week, but that was it. Good luck to you.

dasage metformin for range 1000mg till 200 mg/day, take metformin after eat to prevent side effect gastrointestinal.....about dasage depent on how high your blood glucose....if your blood glucose can take metformin in kow dosage for maintenance
My pharmacist recommended taking it with my evening meal.
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