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?? How much sodium per meal? ?

I am Type 2 Insulin Resistant. Lately, my legs have become swollen during the day and go down at night. My ankles are not swollen.

I want to start cooking more meals instead of relying on frozen meals for lunch at work. As I am looking through recipes, how many mg's is a good amt for sodium intake per recipe. So my meals are not so high. I also add in my yogurt/fruit at meals.

I thought my nutritionist once told me 1200 mg of sodium per day. I am not sure if that is correct or not. I don't remember what the recommended daily allowance is for a person.

How many additional ounces of water should I be drinking as well?

A1C's 4.8
Fasting Glucose 80
Blood Pressure 120/80
Glucophage XR 1000mg x2

Not taking any blood pressure medicine

My endocrinologist does a basic metabolic panel every 6 mos and my sodium levels are always normal. She has never been concerned other than my legs being swollen.

Will my walking everyday help with water retention too. Could it be something as simple as I spend too much time sitting.

If you were told 1200 a day, then I would go with that. Mine is higher 2400 a day, or around 800 per meal, but there may be health problems that make your sodium level different than mine. I was also told that when I purchase frozen foods such as South Beach Living frozen meals, to make them under 800mg. But, again that is MY set number from my nutritionist.

My nutritionist encouraged the normal 8 X 8oz glasses of water a day. I like Sam's Choice bottled which has 12 oz in a bottle, so that gets me up with each on I drink.

Yes, you need to get up and moving. Exercise is very important to your diabetic health. However, before you do so, I would suggest you talk with your physician about your swollen legs. Swollen legs can be a symptom of more than just water retention, and I would make sure that it is indeed that cause before you treat it as such.

Great job on your labs, by the way. I would applaud the work you have been doing.
Are you taking blood pressure medicine? It sounds like you are retaining liquid which may be related to sodium and high blood pressure. If so, call your doctor or dietician and ask what your sodium limits should be per day and per meal. Again we all handle sodium in foods differently. Do you add salt to food? If so try using pepper or salt-free seasonings for flavor instead of salt. Try not cooking with salt (exception in baking where salt is needed to help breads and cakes rise).


No, I am not taking any blood pressure medicines. High Blood Pressure has never been an issue for me. Last time at endocrinologist in February, she was not happy with the distolic number 120/85. My legs were very swollen that day

I don't add salt to my food at the table. I only use it in cooking for flavor.

It was three years ago since I went to my nutritionist. I can't remember what she said is the recommended daily allowance for sodium is.
Many experts recommend consuming less than 3,000 mg of sodium/day for most individuals and less than 2,400 mg/day for those who have mild to moderate hypertension. These recommendations are not for everyone, so contact your doctor to see what is right for you.
Janis Roszler, RD, CDE,LD/N
Diabetes Mellitus Type
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