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Cannot Afford Insulin?


I have Type 2 diabetes and because of having many other health issues, I am permanently disabled: insurance is Medicare and Medicaid QMB.

I do not know what happened, but I have no money to buy insulin with.
Yes, I also have Medicare Part D, but it still costs money, which is something I just do not have right now.

Any suggestions as to what to do PLEASE?

Thank you,

Yes Samantha (nice name - same as my daughter's)

You must tell your doctor's office about your financial issues. I am on unemployment and talked to them about it. My sister is on workers comp and also talked to them about it. There are many patient assistance programs out there through pharmaceutical companies. I received Levimer (long acting insulin) samples from the doctor's office at first, then told them I couldn't afford the $250 price for Levimer from even Walmart. They hooked me up with the drug company and I was accepted on the program and got my next box for free. They also got me free Azor which is one of my high blood pressure meds. My sister get several of her meds through patient assistance programs. So, go talk to them. They only want you to be healthy and be able to take your meds. It may take about a month, but during that time your doctor's office might have samples or know wher you can get it at a reduced cost.

that is why I changed to Novolin N as its way more affordable and works much better than the levemir ever did

I get a vial for around 24 bucks
Get on the computer and go to you might be able to get you meds for free. My mother used them for some her meds before they came out with the prescription drug plan.
Just found a site today that offers all kinds of freebies. Look towards the bottom for free or low cost insulin..called ppa or something like that. Good luck!
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