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Bran Flakes?

I have been getting good numbers ranging from 94 to a fasting level this morning of 121 this morning. Today for dinner I was not real hungry so I decided to have a bowl of Kroger Bran Flakes with skim milk.

My 2 hr post reading was 213. I brisk walked a mile, waited 30 more minutes and BS fell to 134.

Carbohydrate numbers on the cereal box are 24g and fiber is 5g.

I thought whole wheat items were good for you. Has anybody had this high of a spike eating this food?

How much milk did you put on your ceral?
You need to account for the carbs in the milk as well..
Hi Charles,
Different foods affect blood sugar levels in different ways. Check out the info posted at Processed cereals can impact BS levels more than less processed cereals...and yes...don't forget about the carbs in the milk.
Janis Roszler, RD, CDE,LD/N

Did you have the amount that is stipulated as a serving on the package? Many people forget about the fact that the numbers are based on a serving and many many times the serving size is way less than what a person would eat.

You are confusing "good for you" with "will not cause a big spike in my blood glucose."

You need to learn about carbohydrates and how to manage them. This will lead to much better control of your blood glucose.

I am aware of portion sizes. I also know the skim milk has carbs as well. I merely wondered if bran flakes spiked others like I described in the previous post.

It seems to me that 10 g of skim milk and 18g of bran flakes should not spike you over 100 points. I have eaten entire 4 course meals (60+ carbs) with out this high of a spike. I will refrain from eating this cereal in the future.

Regarding " You are confusing "good for you" with "will not cause a big spike in my blood glucose.", I am not confusing the two terms.

I ask again - Aren't whole wheat foods supposed to be part of a diabetic diet?
i've only ben type 2 for a couple years but have discvoered that any cereal will mess with your numbers, even toast and peanut butter, stay away from any good jams or jellys. I have some fresh raisin and fig egg read from the local portugese bakery every morning and my numbers seem to remain stable until lunch.

just an idea

I usually add a little fat of some kind to slow down the release of sugar form the cereal/skim milk. Might be that, just a little fat would do it..
Cereal and skim milk is not a good idea on an empty stomach.
Whole grain products are recommended for diabetics by the ADA, but that doesn't mean that every diabetic can eat them. We really need to test what we eat, to determine how the food or food combination affect us personally.

I am able to eat many food items (such as fruit) that cause others to see dramatic bg rises, but most grains cause my levels to rise too high for my liking- including those with lower glycemic indices. I guess it's payback for all that tasty bread I used to make and eat. sandy
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