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HgbA1C levels - how fast can they come down? UPDATE: My A1C came in!!?

I am new to the site. I was diagnosed with T2 Feb 6, 2007.

Since late January when I suspected the diagnosis, I've done a complete change to my lifestyle: diet change, daily exercise. With the diagnosis, I was put on 10u of Lantus, 500mg Metformin & 5mg Lisinopril 1x/day.

My A1C fr February 6 was out of control at 10.2.

In the 3 months prior to the Feb A1C I was living on cookie dough, tropical fruit juices and mandarin oranges - horrible diet but especially for someone who is unknowingly diabetic! I haven't had any of those things since late Jan.

With the lifestyle changes I've made, my meds and losing 20 lbs (so far), what are the possibilities of my A1C being improved? Should I expect no more than a 1 pt drop?

I need to reach 6 or lower before my doctor will release me to attempt pregnancy. Somehow I got the impression that I could get down to 7 in 3 months but after doing some recent research, I think I may be way off in my thinking.

Thanks for any advice you can share!


I've had type 2 for about 6-7 years, when they first found it, my A1C was almost 14, at my first three month apt it was down around 9. At first I was only put on Metformin and I watched my diet. So I think it can be done, especially since you are watching the diet and exercising. Good Luck
I was diagnosed with fasting sugar of 457 and A1c of 15 in late July of 2006. After 3 months my A1c was 7.8; my 6 month was 5.9; my last was 5.2.

It can come down nicely if you can get good control and maintain it.

You are doing the right thing by losing weight and exercising, this altering of life style is the best way for long term control of your diabetes and that is what a person thinking of having children should do!

A1Cs can drop quite quickly, with lower levels of glucose. Exercise is particularly effective in makeing the A1C drop. Your doctor should have talked to you about lows based on the medication you are taking.

Good luck!

Ren, Sandy & Chuck - I was thinking of bailing on my work-out today but after reading your posts, I am just stopping to type this note of THANKS.

In fact, I think I'm going to type your responses up & print it out to keep with me.

I've been feeling discouraged as I am beginning to recognize that I might not be able to make my "baby attempt" until after my 3rd A1C (August). I can't seem to get a straight answer from any of my doctors as to whether I need to be below 7 or below 6 to safely conceive.

Even if I don't score so well in a couple of weeks, I know I am on the right path and HAVE to continue as I have been.

Thanks for the encouragement!

I have good news for you. I was told Jan 9,2007 my A1c was 10.6 and i had diabetes. I choose not to take any meds and to do it with diet. It was a total life change and i worked very hard learning how to eat all over. As of today I have lost 50 lbs and my A1c as of April 29th is now 6.3. I went from knowing nothing about diabetes to I think i could teach the classes now. The key is understanding diabetes and diet. Be active in your health care,and don't cheat because your cheating yourself. I was scared and unsure at first and now I feel diabetes saved my life. It was a wake up call for me to live healthier. Its possible if you work hard at it and take charge of your care. This site is great help with lots of people who love to help. I LOVE THE FORUM and all the great people who are part of it. So don't think it can't be done, YOU CAN DO IT

HI! I was diagnosed in Sept 06 at 9.9. I started on 500 mg Metformin 2X/day. In Dec my A1c was 5.7 so I cut it to 250 mg. In March, after diet, lots of exercise and weight lose I was 5.6 and stopped taking medicine. So for the mean time I am managing it with diet and excercise only. Good luck!
Like everyone else I too after my diagnosis had an A1c of about 8.0 (about two years ago).

I was one of those diabetics that immediately took control -- after three months -- retested and it was about 7.0

Waited another 3 months and it went to 6.6...

After about 6 months it went down to 5.7...

And now I've managed to maintain about 5.6 for over a year.

Give yourself some time. I would monitor it as recommended every three months until you have it under control.

No more cookie dough and juice boxes! yum....

You'll be fine - it just takes time!
I got the results of my A1C today.

I am now a controlled diabetic at 6.2!!!!

I am so happy that I'm actually going to clean the house! (I hate housework)

I was at 10.2 in February so in 3 months I've lost 20 lbs, changed my lifestyle (exercise, eating habits) and well, with the news...I'm inspired to keep at it and go for the 30 more lbs I want to lose.

My biggest concern right now is my cholesterol. It went up to 239!!!

Considering that I've been eating leanly, cleanly, pretty fat-free, I don't really understand this. High cholesterol runs in my family & I know that despite a healthy diet both my parents have to take cholesterol meds.

Anyway...thanks to everyone who shared their encouraging stories about managing to achieve a drop in A1C numbers.

You kept me going and I hope that I can a small success story when this question gets asked by someone else!

congrats on the achievement!

Do you take anything for the cholesterol?

I am taking omega3 fish oil capsuls 1000mg 3x a day
flax oil 1000mg 3x a day
garlic 500mg 2x a day

my numbers are:
hbA1c 6.2
LDL 90
HDL 60
triglicerides 150

you might try the supplements if your not taking them and use olive oil only for all your cooking as it does help.
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