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Metformin, Amaryl and the Sun.....?

do they go together? We live in a hot weather climate and summer is approaching quickly (like this weekend - where it will be in the 90's already -we live in the desert). I'm an outdoor person - and I love to swim. Am I going to have problems with being in the sun? I use sunscreen, but am willing to up the SPF level (I currently use an 8 SPF). I cannot and will not give up my outdoor lifestyle nor will I give up my swimming. Last summer I wasn't diagnosed yet so I didn't have to give it any thought. But I'm concerned about it now. On my med bottles, it says no prolonged exposure to the sun, but sometimes, as with lots of meds, that means to not have your skin go unprotected because you can burn more easily.

Any thoughts on this?
I take metformin and glipizide and they make me burn easy! So for me I need to keep my skin covered up
here is the Medline plus page on Metformin:

I am sitting here with my mouth fallen open (:-o) because it states'...plan to avoid unnecessary or prolonged exposure to sunlight and to wear protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Glyburide and metformin may make your skin sensitive to sunlight...'. I had no idea that was a side effect. So, we are supposed to get exercise, but we should stay out of 'unnecessary' sun. Sheesh, where is the balance in that! Guess I'm gonna get some sunscreen. I live in Michigan, so we are just beginning to see the sun on our skin again.

Talk to your doctor about the sun warning on the medication and your outdoor lifestyle. I had melanoma skin cancer so I take special precautions anyway but I am not sure about the precautions to take for the metformin.

Before talking to your doctor ask your pharmacist for the patient info sheet on metformin also ask him what he knows about that warning. This will arm you with some information when you talk to your doctor.

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