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Blue Cross Blue Sheild?

Hello, i have never had insurance, ive always paid out of my pocket and next week im getting married and my girlfriend has BCBS and i was wondering if they cover everything. I currently take novolog flexpen and lantus and im curious if that is covered? How much cheaper will it be? I know i will still have to pay a little bit but hopefully not full price. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You

ps- are test strips covered also?
In California Blue Cross and Blue Shield are seperate.

CA's Blue shield HMO will cover most diabetes supplies. Join up with their diabetes group on their web site the will send a meter.

They have a web site here that can give all a plans details. Check you local groups web site or call their info number and they will send out detailed for your plan.

I have BCBS and use the flexpen. It's covered by my plan and since I use the mail order prescription plan I have a co-pay of $35 for a 3 month supply. I don't know what I'd do without the insurance!!

PS- they cover my test strips, too.All my diabetic supplies are covered.

Blue Cross Blue Shield covers just about all diabetic meds and supplies. How much coverage depends on your plan. The traditional plan covers 80% of the cost of all prescriptions until you reach $500 out-of-pocket expenses, then it covers 100% of the cost. Note: You may also be entitled to diabetic shoes and inserts.
I am on BC/BS. On the plan that I am on, everything has a thirty dollar copay . If you are on insulin , they will pay completely for the syringes. I am not so sure about an insulin pen.I used to pay for part of my insurance at work until my boss got on this plan. Now the company I work for pays everything.I am just responsible for the copay . This was a big savings for me, Since I have no complications.The clinic that I go to has an in house lab , so the lab tests are covered with the doctor's visit .

All my Diabetes supplies are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. I have the Senior Gold plan. As of January 1st they are also going to cover some of my exercise program.

You should verify that you will be covered under her insurance before you get your hopes up. Diabetes and complications from it can be denied coverage by her insurance company. It happened to me here in OK my Stepdaughter was denied coverage for her Asthma but she had health insurance for anything not asthma related.

Exclusions and such vary by state and you definitely need to look into it. Insurance companies are not our friends, and they are a business out to make money, so please check to make sure you will be covered.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, and Congratulations on your pending Nuptials.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
I have BCBS Federal Employees Plan through my husband. We were married two years ago and at the time I was diabetic and had been for four years.I did not have any problems with being added onto his policy. I didn't even have to have a physical. One thing I love about BCBS FEP is they have a nurse call me every three months to see how I am doing with controlling my diabetes. She answers any questions I may have and if she doesn't have the answer she does research and sends me all the information she can find to answer my question. I get my test strips through a diabetic supply company and pay roughly $16 for 200 strips. My copay on doctor visits is $15 and my Metformin is under $5 a month. I can also go online and check how much I will have to pay for my medications.
All insurance compnaies are different and it does depend on which state you live in. You can do a search online for BCBS coverage in your state.
There are so many different plans that it's impossible to know for sure what kind of coverage you'll have. We had BCBS a few years ago and it totally sucked! They paid 50% of my prescriptions, including testing supplies. But then I've talked to other with BCBS and they have GREAT coverage. Also, if you don't already have insurance they may make you wait a certain amount of time before getting coverage for pre-existing conditions. The best thing to do is have your fiance' speak with the human resource department about her plan so you'll have an idea of what to expect, whether they have mailorder service and if they require that you use it, etc. Good luck and congratulations!

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