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facial redness?

My husband looks like he has a sunburn on his forehead and around his right eye only and he has not been out of the house, he has been putting extra cream on it seems to start to go away then comes back, his physican said that the Avandia & Lantus could not cause this, well something is, has anyone else had any experience like this

Thank You
Hi Linda,
It doesn't sound diabetes-related. If it continues, your husband should consult a dermatologist.
Janis Roszler, RD, CDE, LD/N
I was just recently diagnosed with rosacea. It causes red patches on my forehead, cheeks and chin...but then sometimes it might just be one place...or not at all. It can literally vary day by day. It also affects my eyes, as it does with a lot of people, causing dry eyes that burn, itch, water and feel gritty. It's a chronic condition with no cure but there are treatments that might help...if that's what it is. He should see a dermatologist.
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