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Blurred Vision?

Since I've been diagnosed with Type 2 my vision is getting really blurred. Went to eye doctor and he said he will not be able to help me until my blood sugar levels off. I'm on metformin 500 mg twice a day. Has anyone experienced this and if so did your eyes clear up or just continue to get worse? I really stressing and scared.. Thanks for your feedback. sam
Yes I have had, am having same problem. Type 2. newly diagnosed. I got my ophthalmologist to give me a temporary prescription and got the least expensive frames I could find. I went to Lenscrafters and they did them in one hour and will change prescription at no charge within 90 days. Thus far, I have been in for one new prescription. It will take at least 3 months perhaps longer for this to stabilize. My issue is astigmatism and distant vision so I need to change the glasses. It is pretty typical and you should not worry. I assume you have had a thorough eye exam to make sure you do not have anything else going on --- retina, cataracts etc.

Welcome to the club!

Hi there, I experienced the same thing, in fact I was starting to get blurred vision around March 2009 got new glasses and then was diagnosed in June. When I got my sugar levels in the normal range I did notice a difference but because I had glasses for several months before dianosis my eyes adjusted to them and now I need them even with the BS under control. I was originally on 500mg Metformin twice daily but it wasn't helping so it was increased to three times daily and now I am in the normal range and I never have any vision problems. Don't be scared this is perfectly normal but this should be a sign, wake up call whatever you want to call it that you need to take this disease by the reins and get it under control. Loss of sight I'm sure you are aware is one of the possibilities of Diabetes complications.

Take care.
Yes, I have experienced the same as the other posters. It has something to do with the sugar in the the eyes and when your sugar normalizes it can take months for the eyes to stabilize. It has gotten better for me. I can now watch TV without any glasses. It was weird because I have the over the counter reading glasses in 150 strength and was able to use them for driving, watching TV, etc. And bought a pair in 300 strength for actual reading and computer work. Now I am able to read and do computer work with the 150 strength and do not need them to drive or watch TV. I was diagnosed in Sept 09 so it took about 3-4 months.

Now I can get my eyes examined and see what he wants me to do with glasses.

Good luck

Blurred vision and sudden weight loss were my keys to go see both the optometrist & doctor. Opto was just plain money hungry & increased my scrip by 25% which confirmed my visit to doctor. A week later my A1c came back as 13.3 & dr said guess what. Metformin & Actos (originally Avandia). Eyes went back to old scrip within 30 days & A1c at 6 months was 6.5. Three years later (last month) the A1c was 5.8. (Have changed optos too - obviously).

Sam, Your doctor was correct, in stating that he can do nothing until you get your diabetes under control. That means, even with the meds, a continued decline in A1c. Even diabetics, without retinopathy, will have blurred vision if the blood sugar is too high or too low. If you do have retinopathy, the same requirements apply, you must get the diabetes under control.

By chance, do you when looking at something, whether close or far, and you know it is a straight line, see an irregularity in the line ?

Also, is your eye doctor, a optomotrist or an opthomoligist ?

For your information, I can speak with some experience on this subject as I do have diabetic retinopathy, have undergone numerious laser treatments & 2 eye surgeries. I do have permanent damage to my eyes, I got into diagnosis & treatment too late.

Yes I did get blurry vision, but in my case, it was after my blood sugar started dropping. I was told by my optometrist that too high or too low blood sugar can cause blurry vision and once I was in control it would stabilize. He also suggested I see the opthomoligist in the office because all diabetics should get a baseline on their eyesight and check for retinopathy.
I have bouts of blurryness. My a1c has gone down since my eye exam last year and at 65 years old, my eyes have gotten better. It surprised my eye doctor and pleased me.

Sarah L.
Thank you! I am a newly diagnosed type 2 and I just thought maybe I was tired or just reading to much. Everything looks kind of hazy. Good info to know.
What the others said was right on. I remember getting bad eyesight years ago but with 400 bs I guess I should have. If this doesnt improve soon make sure to get back to your diabetic doctor. I will say I know high bs can cause very serious eye damage and speak from family experience on this please take getting your bs very seriously.
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