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Difficulty drawing blood for test?

Hi there, in the past two days I've been having difficulty drawing blood for the glucose meter. I think I've pricked every finger several times and squeeze the living crap out of my finger to get blood and nothing. It's weird, I've tried shaking my fingers to get circulation going and nothing. So bottom line is I haven't been able to check my blood since Wednesday, before I go to my Doctor has anyone else experienced this and if so what's your advice.

Thanks....... April
Run warm water on desired hand, shake hand a few times, below waist level, thump desired finger once or twice, adjust setting for lance deeper, that should do it. also change location on finger for lancing.
I agree with the other poster - sounds like your fingers are cold which contracts blood vessels. Rubbing your hands together under very warm running water might help. and massaging your whole hand for a while might stimulate blood flow. Have you tried an alternative site.

Yes, agreed. Run warm water. In addition, make sure YOU are not dehydrated, that shrinks vessels.

Also, check the setting on your lancer. I sometimes have bumped it accidentally, and it changes the setting to lower. Change your lancet as well. I get once in a while a bum lancet.

What setting is your lancet on?

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