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Metformin and Lantus?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some support. I have been T2 diabetic since early 2001, HA1c was 8.2 when I was first diagnosed. After no success with diet/exercise, I was put on Metformin. Then my doctor added Amaryl, and I'm not sure why, but I stopped taking it. I think it was a side affect. So, then I went on Glyburide and with the two meds, my HA1c had come down to 5.7. Then, I switched doctors and my new doc took me off the Glyburide and my sugars started to go up. So, doc increased my Metformin. Sugars still going up. I really didn't pay much attention to my diet during this time and not surprising, my sugar continued to rise. I was losing weight, which I thought was GREAT. But, in November of 2008, my Ha1c was 7.7 and my doctor put me on Lantus, along with the Metformin. Now, my Ha1c in January was 8.5 and my weight is up about 30 lbs. BTW, I'm at about 90units of the Lantus nightly.

My eating is out of control...more than it has ever been. I've been reading about side affects of Lantus and found some articles about links to cancer???

I've tried to see a nutritionist, but I have never been able to make a connection with any. I've probably seen about three and they all seem to be "going through the motions". I want somebody to take a genuine interest in my diabetes. I don't get any support from friends or family, they don't understand. My doctor wants to put me on Humalog in addition to the Lantus and Metformin. I'm not ready for that.

I need to start counting my carbs. I'm so lost with diet, I've tried a vegan diet, which did provide some improvement, but it was quite difficult.

Any tips, advice, support is welcome. I look forward to posting more in the future. I need to find some support!!!

Michelle My advice is to start cutting back on carbs and checking your glucose with a meter, fasting, 1 hr and 2 hrs after each meal. Ideally you would like to have a fasting under 100, 1 hour under 140, 2 hour under 120 etc. You will find that as you lower carbs your sugar will come down. I try to eat 30-40 grms of carb daily. Many others on this site find they can eat much more than this. I guarantee if you do this you will find a level that will allow you to cut back on your Lantus and get your glucose under control. You will also find that there is much that you can eat. You will be off bread, rice, other grains, most fruit and high starch veggies. You will be able to eat meat, cheese, some dairy, cream, yogust, sour cream etc. You will also eat salads, some tomato, onion, some squash, mushrooms etc. etc. I found the books by Richard Bernstein helpful in getting on a low carb healthy diet. the key is to do a lot of testing.

other in this side Alan have helpful blogs/website. Nomore carb will attest to his restricted carb diet. Also, if you can trying to get to an ideal weight and doing some regular exercise cardio and weights will help. sou ds like a lot but when put together it does work.

Yeah, I've had great results w/vegetarian diet, meat 3 - 4 times a month. the trick is to do it slowly, waean off animal foods slowly, but lose the processed and high carb veggies.Look up Dr. Neil Bernard's book for the philosophy I am trying to adopt
When you said your eating is out of control, unfortunately when your sugar goes up your hunger goes up too. The catch 22 of having diabetes. Try doing it in baby steps. Lower your carbs a little one meal at a time. Try breakfast for a few days then lunch and finally dinner. If you do it a little at a time it will be less painful and you won't miss it as much.

Unfortunately, insulin can cause you to gain weight, since it sends out the keys to open the cells to gobble up the glucose.

One eating plan I found on another diabetes site is eat 30-45 carbs per meal and 15 carbs per snack (2-3 a day). I did that and the weight just dropped off and the glucose went down.

Good luck


Try this, it may help (click on the coloured text):

There is nothing like seeing a high number on your meter an hour after an unwise menu choice to motivate you to change that menu next time.

That is you. you are in charge

This is the minimum knowledge you need, it will give a starting point.

Your diabetic, your pancreas no longer controls your Blood Sugar Levels BGL, Soˇ­You need to control your BGL.

It can be done
your TOOLS

Pills and or insulin

Read the labels on food packages.
you are interested in the TOTAL Carbohydrates.
get to know the Glycemic index of foods.

All foods with carbohydrates (carbs) Raises BGL
especially fast acting carbs are
almost anything white. White bread, potato, rice, sugar (eating a bowl of mashed potato is worse than eating bowl of sugar as far as BGL goes.)

Protein, fiber and fat
slows down the rise of BGL.

meds (pills and insulin)
lower BSL

lowers BSL

Basically those are the tools you have, use them well and you will have a long Happy life.

To learn HOW THIS ALL AFFECTS YOUˇ­ test you BGL before you eat, test 1 hour after you eat, this gives you your BGL spike for the food. Test 2 hours after you eat your BGL should be going down. test before exercise test after exercise.
Everybody is affected differently by carbs and by different foods. So you need to test to find out how You react to different foods

When you test use the side of your finger tip, much less pain.

sorry if this is too basic for you, some times we just need to be reminded of the basics
I am also on Metformin and Lantus. I was put on both upon diagnosis and I immediately cut carbs to less than 50 grams a day. By testing my premeal and aftermeal, I was able to determine that I could not handle anything more than 8 gms. of carbs in the morning without huge spikes. It was amazing, by quitting most carbs and eating more protein and fat, I was no longer hungry all the time, I felt satisfied on way less food than I have even been satisfied with in the past, I dropped weight without even trying (lost 13 lbs. the first week and now after 9 weeks am down 43 lbs) and just feel so much better. I would have never thought I could have done it. I brought my numbers down from 300-400 to less than 140 most of the time. Here is an example of what I eat:

1 slice low carb bread (8 gms) toasted and buttered with a slice of cheese, ham or bacon and a fried egg on top.

snack: nuts and/or beef jerky

lunch: a cup of soup and a few wheat crackers with cheese or a salad and one slice of low carb bread with mayo, meat and cheese made into a sandwich. Pickles and/or olives.

snack: pork rinds with sour cream dip, celery with cottage cheese or peanut butter

dinner: Rotisseri chicken (thigh and leg with skin) and a small dinner salad with ranch dressing and a vegetable.

snack: cheese and crackers, pork rinds with sour cream dip or a couple of crackers with peanut butter on them. Another good snack is cream cheese spread on ham with a dill pickle rolled up in it.

It is amazing that when you cut out the carbs, you don't feel hungry all the time. This is just an example of what I would eat...there are many options and ways to cut carbs.

Good luck and I am glad you are at this site. There are many here who care and can help.
Thank you, everyone, for your replies.

My fridge/cupboards are bare, so Saturday I'm going to the store. I'll post my thoughts, menus as I go!
Good luck and DO NOT go to the store hungry - my biggest goofs happen when I do that


Until you start applying this may help you write your shopping list:
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