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Fasting for A1C test?

Do I need to fast 8 hours before going in to the Drs. office for a A1C test?
Also can I get results right away?
Fasting shouldn't be necessary for an A1c test (it reflects long-term averages, not hourly fluctuations), but make sure you're not going to have some other test at the same time that does require fasting.

Usually an A1c test has to come back from a lab, and it takes a few days to get results. There are now portable A1c meters that give results in 5 minutes, but that's probably not what your doctor is using -- I don't think they're as accurate as the lab version yet.
Thanks Tom,
I was hoping I could do the test and Drs. visit all in shot.
I don't live in town so its kind of a pain.
Maybe you can get them to mail you the test results, or call you. If you're paying for the test, you're entitled to get the results of it -- although it can be difficult for labs and doctor's offices to grasp that concept. They tend to forget that the patient's role in the health-care process is not confined to paying bills.
Fasting is definitely NOT required for an accurate A1C..and my personal experience has been with some of the most reputable diabetic centers in the country and very often they have the capability to provide fairly immediate A1C #'s at the time of your initial visit.

As the other posters have said, a fasting is not required for an a1c. It is required if there doing further tests and why not since your having your blood drawn. Call the docs office to find out if they are testing for anything else.
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