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Highest blood sugar a non-diabetic will have?

Whats the highest number a non-diabetic would see? Or at what # should someone be concerned and go get checked out? I mean after eating numbers not fasting.
The ADA recommendations for diagnosing diabetes state that patients be told they have diabetes if any of the criteria below applies:
This is from the ADA site. I hope it helps.
Fasting plasma glucose is above 125 mg/dl;
Diabetes symptoms exist and casual plasma glucose is 200 mg/dl or higher; or
Plasma glucose is at least 200 mg/dl during an oral glucose tolerance test.
If any of these test results occurs, testing should be repeated on a different day to confirm the diagnosis.

In recent months, the ADA and researchers have noted that diabetes-like complications can develop over time in patients who doní»t have diabetes, per se, but do have fasting blood sugars consistently in the 110-125 mg/dl or blood sugars in the 140-200 mg/dl range two hours following a glucose tolerance test.
First off your question is lacking in substance. What type of meal was eaten before the test. Was the test at least two hours after the meal. Was there any steroids that might have been given or taken. How many bs tests have been done and what were the readings. All of these are important questions because no one number is a number you say oh thats it. Of course unless your seeing 200 or 300 or 400 then yes I would get to a doc right away.
Nancy's answer is very good. I would like to add, if someone is having consistant numbers above 110 for fasting, or random numbers above 140, I would have it checked out. It could be a warning sign, and caught early, many complications may be averted. In addition, if in pre-diabetic stage, then it is possible to reverse. Also, other conditions beside diabetes can cause elevated blood glucose levels, and those may need to be looked into as well.

If you are really all that concerned - go to a doctor for a check-up. We are not professionals & since you are posting your question in all the forums for 'in your words "A variety of reasons", you really should get a professional & let him/her answer your question !

Hi amishkate,
Individuals who don't have diabetes will have BS numbers that are less than 140 at 2 hours after a meal.

If a person has BS numbers that are 140 or higher at 2 hours after the first bite of a meal on more than one occasion, he or she should see a doctor for additional testing. A diagnosis of diabetes is usually made when numbers are 200 or above, but it is possible to have pre-diabetes, which is equally important to know.

If a person has diabetes-related symptoms (frequent urination, intense thirst or hunger, tingling in the feet, intense fatigue, etc)he or she should see a doctor, regardless of the home test results.
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